The Tempest

Maddie worked on The Tempest in 2007 when the world was a simpler place and Rank Strand still produced Surprise Pink. There is method in her madness and madness in her method.  She did indeed engage mostly in the premenstrual struggles of Miranda and her relationship with the apparently hostile meanderings of her mysterious father who ruled the land and see through his indentured servant Ariel.

Who knows how much better this would have been if Maddie had run the entire design and costume department?  But as a mere splatterer of paint and upholder of standards she still made her mark.

The Silence Between Us

The Silence Between Us: Arthur makes the brave decision to do his bit in the war effort by going off to battle. However, Arthur soon realises this was bigger than he could have ever imagined.

Writer- Luke Montague
Lyrics- Holly Campbell
Composers- Dan Greenwood and Pete King
Orchestrations and edits- Luke Moore
Stage design- Sophie Davis
Costume design- Maddie Mellon

A Chorus Line

A Chorus Line was Maddie’s first foray into the world of strong arm wrestling. It was not to be the last as her musclature advanced in step with her design skills.

The irony of the situation is that if she had been allowed by the insanely conservative director to implement her ideas on robotic dynamic sets, they would have had on their hands not only a hit musical but also a first in the world of cyber hybrid entertainment and art. As it was, they were back on the bread line in a few weeks and the only beneficiary was the doorman.

Romeo & Juliet

Maddie approached Romeo & Juliet with all the tenacity of a terrier trying to snatch a ball from another dog. She felt the need to make this a great project, and she delivered. If that was all that was needed, the show would have been such a success! Maddie had to make multiple costumes for multiple actors playing the same role, which stretched her sewing skills. My how we laughed at the mismatched buttons and other haberdasheracious foibles of backstage tomfoolery.

Brilliance being her second nature (as artistic integrity and fierce nationalism is her first) she nailed this project, learning many life and costume related lessons while causing several audience members to gasp in awed delight at the McQueen-like costumes.