Maddie Mellon

Performance and discussion, Theatre Deli, November 2023


Daniel Jones, Maddie Mellon, Emilia Nurmukhamet

Performance: Daniel Jones, Maddie Mellon

Costume design by Tainted Saint

Original score composed by Kay Rowan

Assistant Director Anna Udras

Treading between vulnerable and absurd, two tourettic movers mirror and oppose each other to create a visual foray into the breakdown of identity that coincides with the development of disability. Interacting with body casts and each other to create live art, the two performers find solace and community in connection. In doing so, they redefine the relationship between body, soul and mind. KLAZO was originally devised as part of Resolution 2022 Festival at The Place, and has been performed at the Above the Stag Theatre and as a part of the Emergency 22 Festival at the Contact, Manchester. It is the product of a collaboration between multidisciplinary artists Maddie Mellon, Dan Jones and Emilia Nurmukhamet; designed by Tainted Saint, with original music by Kay Rowan, produced by the Bold Mellon Collective. 

See the original piece in full below

First Performance,  Resolution Festival, The Place, May 2022